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YC250 APSYSTEMS Micro Inverter
Model Number:YC250
Place os Origin:China
Telephone:+86 -13867252821
Keywords:Micro Inverter, APSYSTEMS, YC250
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Detailed introduction

Model No.
Input Data(DC)
Max. DC Power
0.31 kW0.31 kW0.31 kW0.31 kW0.31 kW
Max. DC Voltage
55 V55 V55 V55 V55 V
Min. DC Voltage to Start Feed In
22 V22 V20 V22 V22 V
Max. DC Current
10.5 A12 A12 A10.5 A10.5 A
MPP(T) Voltage Range
22~45 V22~45 V22~45 V22~45 V22~45 V
Output Data (AC)
?Max. AC Power
0.225 kW0.25 kW0.25 kW0.25 kW0.25 kW
Output AC Voltage Range
211~264 V200~270 V187~270 V184~253 V95~155 V
Nominal AC Voltage
240 V230 V220 V230 V127 V
Max. AC Current
0.937 A1.08 A1.14 A1.08 A1.97 A
Frequency Range
59.3-60.5 Hz47.5-50.5 Hz47.5-50.5 Hz48-51 Hz57-62 Hz
60 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
Power Factor (cosθ)
Distortion (THD)
< 3 %< 3 %< 3 %< 3 %< 3 %
Max. Efficiency
95.5 %95.5 %95.5 %95.5 %95.5 %
General Data
Dimensions (H/W/D)
150x160x29 mm150x160x29 mm150x160x29 mm150x160x29 mm150x160x29 mm
1.5 kg1.5 kg1.5 kg1.5 kg1.5 kg
Operating Temperature-40 ~ +65 ℃
Protection ClassIP65, NEMA 4X, NEMA 6