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260W-350W Cenergy Mono solar panel
Model Number:CE72M260W-350W
Place os Origin:China
Telephone:+86 -13867252821
Keywords:Mono solar panel, 72 cells,260W,270W,300W,320W
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Detailed introduction


CE72M is one of the best selling modules in similar products with high reliability and power output, so it can reduce overall system cost and make competitive advantage in market, which is accredited by the Photon because of outstanding generation and stability performance. The output power covers 260w to 325w.And it has a great vogue in the market with excellent weak light-resistant and weather-resistant.Meanwhile it is widely applicable for residential projects,commercial projects and large projects.

  • Industry leading module power output
  • High quality,safety and conversion efficiency
  • Manufacturing facility certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System Standards
  • Beautiful surface, good durability and easy installation
  • Special design in accordance with requirements of customers

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