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MPPT Solar street light controller 12v/24v 15amps
Model Number:SR-MPL2415/SR-MPL2415U/SR
Place os Origin:China
Telephone:+86 -13867252821
Keywords:MPPT,Solar street light controller, solar controller, controller, 12V,24V, 15a, 15amps
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Detailed introduction

1. With MPPT functions, applicable to monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous silicon solar panels serially connected in various numbers

significantly improving the solar panels' energy utilization ratio.

2. Adopts the MPPT solar charging technology, with a max. solar panel open-circuit voltage Voc ≤ 60V and a max. solar panel power Pm ≤ 400W.

Supports a load output current of 15A and a 0-10V dimming function.

3. Adopts an improved charging algorithm that supports 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, and the user can set the operating modes for lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries accordingly.

4. With a load triple-stage brightness adjustment and morning on design, with an operating duration adjustable from 0 to 15 hours and a power settable from 0 to 100%.

5. With a system status log function, able to record a maximum of 7 days of system status, comprehensively and effectively monitoring the system's conditions.

6. Data communication adopts a multi-time two-way handshake protocol and a data compression algorithm, realizing precise and fast data transmission.

7. With an intelligent power mode which can extend the battery life to its top limit by adjusting the dimming signal voltage (0-10V) automatically according to the remaining battery capacity.

8. With an infrared remote control function, operations including setting parameters, reading status and viewing historical data can be conducted remotely.

9. A metal case and an IP68 waterproof level enable the device to operate in various kinds of tough conditions.

10. An overheat protection function enables the device to scale down the load or shut off the load completely when its temperature exceeds a certain point.

11. A range of protection measures such as battery reverse-connection protection, load short-circuit and overload protection, etc., put the system under comprehensive and constant guard.

The following are functions of the "-U" series

1. With a wireless Internet communication function, able to conduct remote monitoring and real-time management on street lights via the solar power street light management system.

2. Supports remote light on/off switching and dimming, as well as modification of battery and load parameters.

3. Monitors solar panel voltage, current and power, battery charging and discharging current and voltage, load operating status, controller operating status and other data, and automatically triggers alarms when failures are detected.



Adjustable or not





No-load loss

26mA/ 12V; 15mA/ 24V

40mA/ 12V; 21mA/ 24V

System voltage

12V/ 24V

Charging current


Max. solar panel power

200W/ 12V; 400W/ 24V

Solar panel input voltage


MPPT tracking efficiency


Charging conversion efficiency

90% to 96%

Dimming output voltage

0 to 10V

Max. output current


Over-voltage protection

Lead-acid batteries

17.0V; ×2/24V

Charging limit voltage

15.5V; × 2/24V

Equalizing charging voltage

(boost charging voltage + 0.2V); ×2/24V (25°C)


Equalizing charging time

1 hour

Equalizing charging interval

30 days

Boost charging voltage

7.5V to 15.5V; × 2/24V (25°C)


Boost charging time

4 hours

Floating charging voltage

7.5V to 15.5V; × 2/24V (25°C)


Temperature compensation factor

-3.0mV/ °C/ 2V

Over-voltage protection

Lithium batteries

(overcharge voltage + 2V); ×2/24V (25°C)


Whether charging is prohibited below 0 °C

Yes, No


Overcharge voltage

7.5V to 15.5V; × 2/24V (25°C)


Overcharge recovery voltage

7.5V to 15.5V; × 2/24V (25°C)


Over-discharge voltage

7.5V to 15.5V; × 2/24V (25°C)


Over-discharge recovery voltage

7.5V to 15.5V; × 2/24V (25°C)


Light control voltage

5V to 11V; × 2/24V


Light control delay

1 to 50min


Operating temperature

-35°C to +65℃

Protection degree


Weight (g)


Dimensions (mm)