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Cost of solar panel ?
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Cost of Solar Panels

This depends on several factors, including the brand, physical size, quality of materials, capacity in watts and warranty period. If you’re buying a full system, the more panels it has, the less cost per unit. Choosing panels on price alone isn’t wise. What you pick may not generate as much energy as you want. Or the brand may lack the certifications to qualify for rebates. Still, the modules may fail to provide the best performance to ensure a solid warranty, or economic payback for the electricity generated.

Tiers of Solar Panel Quality

Besides cost, when choosing solar panels, it’s important to consider how they’re manufactured and what they’re made of. There are 3 tiers of manufacturer quality:

Tier 1 includes the top 2% of solar panel manufacturers. These companies use advanced robotic processes, invest heavily in research/development, and have been in business for more than 5 years. Tier ones produce solar cells using the best grade of silicon. The higher the silicon grade, the better the solar cell will perform and the longer it’ll last.

Tier 2 comprises manufacturers, who invest less in research/development, are reliant on robotic/manual assembly and have been around for 2 – 5 years. The second Tier can produce good modules at good prices.

Tier 3 encompasses 90% of new PV manufacturers. Such companies only assemble panels. They neither manufacture their own solar cells nor invest in research/development. Tier threes are available at a cheaper price, but their quality is wanting. In the long run, they’re costly in terms of reliability and power output.

Panel Cost vs. Value

As not all manufacturers are equal, consider these factors as you shop for solar panels. The higher the quality, the more value the solar panel can deliver and allow you to reap the benefits of solar energy.

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This is the range a PV panel will either surpass or fall short of its rated power. A positive tolerance rating means a module will generate sufficient (and even surplus) electricity.

Size and Watts Capacity

A solar panel’s capacity in Watts will directly affect its cost. Panels are normally priced at ‘Bucks’ per ‘Watts’. Watts, the panel’s output, affects the panel’s physical size. The more the Watts, the bigger the solar panel.

Temperature Co-Efficient

The temp co-efficient rating rates the impact heat has on a panel’s operation. The lower the % per oC, the better. In Australia’s often sweltering conditions, paying more for low-temperature co-efficiency is worth it.


A solar panel warranty indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in its panels. Reputable modules will have a 25-year performance warranty. However, a warranty will only be honoured if the company is still in operation. It’s another reason to select a well-known brand rather than buy a low-cost one that may fly by night.

Types of Solar Cells

There are 3 types: Monocrystalline (offers high efficiency and superb heat tolerance); polycrystalline (most popular choice in home installs); and thin film (uses little silicon and is less efficient than other solar cells).

Buying and installing the right solar system is essential for maximum energy savings year after year.

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